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Kitten Marie:

Kitten started off as a guest on my show brought in by a mutual friend of ours Dr Brian King ( Author/Comedian ) already with over a decade of modeling and dance under her belt she came on our show just for fun. I haven’t let her out of my site ever since. We are kindred spirits, partners in crime, joined at the hip , me & Jenny were like peas & carrots , however you want to say it. Some 20 years difference in age… ( I’m guessing, I have never asked her age nor her given name, at this point I think she was born with it ) Kitten & I are always the last one at the party & she is the first to start one. We get wild when we are together, and I never want to leave when we are having a good time. What else can I tell you about my BFF: Other than being the living embodiment of a contemporary Disney Princess, she is also a costume designer, hair & make-up artist, When I say artist, look at her pictures (( You’ll find yourself hours later wondering where the time went )) Pay special attention to her hair, nails & eyes. Already the most beautiful girl in the room , People gravitate towards her & her energy. First thing I noticed about her is her EYES… they draw you in .. to reference another Disney film… like Kaaaa the snake in Jungle Book, you find yourself entranced and memorized by their beauty. Most of the costumes seen in her photo shoots, she designed and created herself. She’s amazing, wonderful & funny. She has dressed up in so many costumes, I can not recall half of them. But all of them fabulous. She’s been a pirate, a flapper, taxi cab driver, a lady as well as a wench from Victorian times, a clown, a Geisha Girl, etc the list goes on & on. By the way when I say she dressed up like a cab driver … I mean a SEXY as all hell Cab Driver. She has worn every color found in the rainbow for her hair ( Some Not Found in the Rainbow ) Her natural hair is long, wavy and beautiful no matter how she has it. You know, I’m always a hit when I’m with Kitten, she’s the belle of the ball. My life wouldn’t be the same without her in it & neither will yours.

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Paul Brumbaugh & Monika Thomas

Monika Thomas

Monika & I have been friends for about a decade, we met at an indie San Francisco podcasting studio in 2009-2010. Both of us host shows, The Edge of Insanity & Sexploration with Monika. I noticed Monika at a staff meeting, I think before she noticed me. I was in a conversation with the station owner when she made her entrance, the owner stopped mid-sentence & made a beeline right for her. How could I not notice her? We both had shows on this station, mostly good people, for the most part beginners or hobbyists, a few hasbeens, may-never-bees, “the dreamers for fame.” I fall into the last group. Monika was not old & crusty, quite the opposite. She was fresh & new,and had great style. I couldn’t help but to stare at what she was wearing. I can remember her taking the layers of jacket, scarf, etc & so mysterious with her Jackie O’ sunglasses. I introduced myself to Monika at the end of the meeting. Fast forward months later, Monika asked me to be the “Token Straight Guy” for an episode of her show. On her show, she was in charge, but gracious, and knowledgeable about her varied guests topics. I felt as though we were a little gathering of people on a 2 hour quest for sexual enlightenment. As sexual pirates, we plunder for pleasure & how to pay it forward to the ones we love. Well, from the show forward, I knew I would always listen to her show, & jump at the chance to be involved with it. My friendship with her has grown with every minute. Every one of those minutes makes me a better person, not only by learning, but also by energy osmosis. – Just by being in the same room as her! She loves nature & can lose herself in the wilderness literally and in her mind. She feels connected with Mother Earth, her sanctuary. Nature is a place for peace, reflection amongst pure splendor & beauty. . We have co-produced shows under both show names, and we have been on each others shows so many times, I lost count. We’ve broken bread, partied & have even gotten acupuncture together. I always look forward to the time I spend with her.

Sexploration with Monika is a sex-positive feminist radio show about love, sexuality, gender, safer sex, play, connection, and all the pathways to pleasure. Viva la Pleasurevolution!!!

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